BoomBandit crane for Go Pro + Iphone



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The Boombandit is a camera crane for lightweight video cameras and smartphones. Light but strong, Boombandit can get great crane shots without the need for long arms or a big bank balance.

Take your camera from the ground to over three metres in the air in one graceful movement. The unique parallelogram construction means you can now float your camera to where the action is, not just stand by and watch it go past. You can stand on a precipice and put your camera a further two metres out into space and get the shots you only ever dreamed of.

The Boombandit is made from specially designed polymer parts and custom-made telescopic aluminium legs. You can attach multiple cameras, a light and an audio recorder to the unique mounting bracket to easily make exciting videos. Weighing just 800 grams, it is so light just about anyone can use it and it comes with its own backpack carry bag, just sling it over your shoulder while you go and find the next shot for your movie.

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Accessoires for you Boombandit which you can order together with your crane:

See how easy it is to assemble the BoomBandit and attach an iPhone and a GoPro. This is all it takes to be able to use the BoomBandit.

Attaching accessories Only the BoomBandit allows you to attach multiple devices at the one time. Bolt on two cameras for long and wide angle coverage, a sound recorder and a light. See how simple it really is to start making videos with high-and-wide crane shots and with great sound and lighting.

The making of Runaway By using the BoomBandit with an iPhone 4, an Olloclip wide angle lens attachment and a G-Design tripod mounting bracket I created a scene where a young girl escapes to safety in the top floor of an abandoned brick works. As she climbs the stairs and makes her way through a desolate scene I was able to easily follow her every movement by floating the camera where ever I could get the best shot. The BoomBandit will get you the best shot for your video too.