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VariZoom 1350 (camera max.13 kilo)

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Eurocrane 1350.

The Eurocrane 1350 is a tripod mounted, boom-arm, camera crane system designed to allow you to smoothly boom your camera up, boom your camera down and move your camera in an infinite number of 360 degree arcs. When balanced and used correctly the Camcrane 1130 moves with such tremendous precision and fluidity, that the results can only be called "picture perfect".

Camera cranes have been an industry standard for over 85 years. People have used cranes to move cameras to new heights both literally and figuratively, and now you can too.

The Eurocrane 1350 is the most affordable and versatile crane of its type on the market today. With its ease of set-up and variable boom lengths, you'll soon find yourself shooting the shots that you've always dreamed of.



  • Four boom length combinations: 1.00 meter x, 1.24 meter x, 2.00 meter and  2.50 meter
  • Three fulcrum (balance) settings.
  • Holds cameras up to 11.3 kilo at 243  meter length, and 
    13.5 kilo at the 200 meter length.
  • Can vertically boom from floor to 3.00 meter feet at the 2.50 meter. length
  • Rotates 360 degrees via precision, zero deflection, needle 
    roller, turntable bearing.
  • Complete system weighs 8.6 kilo 
  • Made in USA. 

    The Eurocrane 1350 mounts on the 3/8" standard bolt found on the majority of medium and heavy duty tripods. The Head Unit has a 3/8" mounting holes/slots allowing you to attach and horizontally balance a pan and tilt, tripod head. Head Unit sets up in both high or low mode. Crane can be operated from either the Head Unit or the Weight Unit. Fits easily into trunk of car at only 1.00 meter long. Fine tuning counter balance weights are included. All measurements approximate. The 1350 comes without camera and  counterweights.The weights you can get cheap at the sportsshops. Price 2 euro a kilo. Tripod not included.