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Varizoom Cinetrac

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vz cinetrac
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The varible length platform legs, the swiveling castors and the rubber tube track combine to provide the easiest dolly setup available. Due to the unique nature of this dolly the operator can manuever a large camera setup like a crane or jib, inside a tight space without colliding. You can easily build straight or curved track, then break down and change location within minutes.

  • For use on the VZ-TRACK. Rubber tube track conforms to unique shapes
  • Flexible platform fits large or small tripods
  • Dolly setup supports heavy weight
  • Folds compact for easy transport
  • Durable cushioned case with straps
Unit Weight 34.2 Lbs/15kg
Track Diameter 1 1/2"
Track Durometer (Hardness of Track) 70
Dollie Size Folded 12" Wide
Track Track Operating Width Max./Min 34" / 22.5"
Warranty 1 years parts/la