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Varizoom Track (15 meter)

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With today’s high paced shooting schedules, set crews do not always have time or resources to reconfigure custom camera track layouts which might lead delays with the day’s shoot. The VZ-TRACK system solves this problem. With the VZ-TRACK you could have one track layout replaced with another in minutes saving you the time to make sure your shot is as perfect as it can be. The solid rubber VZ-TRACK provides the stability of a solid track while allowing you to design your camera path in unique shapes, straight lines, or over multiple types of terrain.

  • Rubber tube track conforms to unique shapes
  • Can be used over multiple types of terrain, both indoors and outdoors
  • Set up custom track designs completed minutes
  • Designed for use with our VZ-CINETRAC heavy-duty dolly
Material Rubber
Track Weight 50 Lbs/23kg
Track Diameter 1 1/2"
Track Durometer (Hardness of Track) 80
Length 50 ft/15.24 meter
Warranty 2 years parts/labor